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Welcome aboard


Dive Runner is a Dive Boat for all  levels of diving and not just for the very experienced. She is a boat designed for divers, run by divers who know what divers want. You decide the  schedule, and we can dive the sites you want to dive when you want to dive them.

We try to dive when there are few, or NO other divers on the reefs. It is the perfect size for  groups and clubs. You have the boat to yourselves and you don't have to be a diver to be on board, all members of a group are welcome.

We are members of the CDWS who regulate the diving industry  in Egypt, and have complied to the ISO standards EN14467/ISO24803 for diving. This means we come up to the EU standards for diving and boat safety.


Have a look through some of the photos and film of safaris of the clear waters of the red see


Safaris are based on a group booking the boat out.

This way your group can discuss with the dive guides the type of diving you would like to do as well as when and where.

Have a look at how we run our safaris, there are no limits on how many times you can dive any of the dive sites.


With the boat not long out of drydock we have been getting ready for the flights to start up again, so we can all get back into the warm waters of the Red sea


Sharm El Sheikh, main entry road

Marine port



United Kingdom



Thanks for submitting!

We are based in the UK with a team in Sharm El Sheikh looking after the boat.

all contact is to UK phones and emails

you can contact me directly or send a email through the website


Barry Thomson

tel: +44 (0) 7876357567


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